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Giff insight Journal was published since 2020 in West Africa Ghana- an open access International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim on promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines of Information Technology. GIJ iis an international scientific research journal focusing on issues in information technology research. A large number of manuscript inflows, reflects its popularity and the trust of world’s research community. GIJ is indexed with major indexing and abstracting organizations and is published in both electronic and print format. All articles are available under cc by-nc-nd licensing.

GIFF Research Hub is an innovative research center that serves as a knowledge hub for shipping, ports
and maritime matters in Africa. The aim of the center is to use the state-of-the-art scientific research tools and techniques to provide empirical data to support the growth of the industry and governments across the continent of Africa and beyond. In the next five (5) years GIFF Research Hub intends to create partnerships with industry players and international organizations who leverage on ports and maritime data to drive policies. In addition, the center will partner with higher institutions of learning across the continent to organize conferences, seminars and workshop to assess and analyze international trade issues in order to create value and wealth for the industry. To achieve this the center has invested in training and development of 60 personnel in the industry to realize this vision. The state-of-the-art office complex situated at the GIFF national secretariat have been created with seven (7) member Research Ethics Board (REB) competently manning it. GIFF over the past three (3) decades has built competence and practical knowledge in every aspect in the ports and maritime supply chain. GIFF is the only partner that interface with all the entities in Ghanaian ports and maritime sector. Over the years GIFF has positioned itself as a beacon of hope for the Ghanaian Trade and Freight Transportation business front-lining activities such as competency-based Education and Training, Advisory role and Advocacy. GIFF has left an indelible mark in the evolution of cross border Trade and freight transportation in Ghana. The Research Hub concept is another dream GIFF is championing in this digitalized age to ensure that policy and decision making in the ports and maritime industry are backed by scientific research data.

The Research Hub Project

Over several centuries, there has been ample evidence to justify the importance of research in the development of countries and economies in the world. Research has played a pivotal role in the development of the most complex spacecraft to the simplest mobile phone. Research pervades in every aspect of human lives, from the complex medical equipment to a simple match box used to light a cigarette; research has played a leading role in shaping the activities of society and businesses. In business, most companies leverage on research and development (R&D) to introduce new product or service to customers and the ports and maritime industry is no exception. The business environment in the which freight forwarding, logistics, ports and maritime industry is located is complex and dynamic with new laws and regulations continuously hitting our space every minute. Rigorous research is therefore required to understand the very fabric of the industry in the new age of disruptions in global supply chains.

The Research hub will therefore create a platform to delve into topical issues such as: Paperless Port System, Compliance, the Importance of Economic Partnership Agreements, The Role of Freight Forwarders in Trade Facilitation, International Trade, Continental Free Trade Agreements, Port Tariffs, Ports Cyber Security Strategies, SOLAS Conventions, Customs Procedures, Port Expansion, Port Logistics, Cost of Doing Business, Oil and Gas, Digitalization in Ports Supply Chains among other topics which will be investigated. In addition to these, other areas of research proposed by our partners will be considered.

Partnership with Industry players and International Organizations

The center is therefore soliciting for partnership with national and international organizations/ institutions who leverage on ports and maritime data to drive policy and support managerial decision making. We intend to create an atmosphere of a win-win situation for our partners and ensure that every partner benefits from every single investment made towards the sustainability of the center. In addition, the GIFF Research hub has invested heavily into capacity building to train and equip some 11 members of the association as working group leaders for conducting research in their respective areas of expertise. Leveraging the use of working groups, with selection being made from the pool of experienced freight forwarders and relevant partners, coverage of research will be opened to wide range areas. For instance, Working Group for Customs Affairs, Working Group for Technology Adoption, Working Group for Land Frontiers, Working Group for Air Freight. Working Group for Multimodal Transport with special interest in Maritime Affairs. Working group for Education and Training. All these and other working groups have been formed to facilitate research activities at the Hub.

It is our utmost pleasure to partner with you to achieve this all-important vision to drive trade facilitation on the African continent and beyond and to create wealth for the industry. The level of partnership has been categorized into three (3) groups.


⦁ Esteemed Partnership

Partner contributes 40% of the Research Hub’s yearly budget. Partner has unlimited access to all publications and five (5) participants slots for all conferences, seminars and workshops organized by center. Partner can also engage the center for a research task at an agreed discount. Partner will have name mention in all adverts, souvenirs, banners and documentary of the hub’s activities. Partner can collaborate with GIFF Academy to run joint programs.


⦁ Platinum Partnership

Partner contributes 20% of the Research Hub’s yearly budget. Partner has limited access to all publications and two (2) participants slots for all conferences, seminars and workshops organized by center. Partner will have name mention in all adverts, souvenirs, banners and documentary of the hub’s activities.


⦁ Ambassador Partnership

Partner contributes 10% of the Research Hub’s yearly budget. Partner has limited access to all publications. Partner will have name mention in all adverts, souvenirs, banners and documentary of the hub’s activities.


⦁ Other Partners

We are open to engage other partners with exclusive conditions geared towards the realization of our vision.


Mr. Jonathan Kwashie Amanor

Executive Secretary, GIFF

Mr. Gabriel Essilfie

Head of Research and Innovation, GIFF

Mr. Mathew Boah

Accounts Manager, GIFF

Mr. Albert Asante

Research Officer, GIFF